Advice + Implementation = Your Unfair Advantage

Business Growth Collaboration (BGC) Consultants works with business owners and leaders to identify, solve and capitalise on complex problems and opportunities by providing grounded advice and as much (or, as little) implementation support as required; at four key stages of the business journey. .

Whilst the tools and processes we follow are tailored for each assignment, what is common to every BGC project is our collaborative approach and unwavering focus on delivering the desired results.

Will your business survive the looming recession?

Winter is coming!

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1. Expert

You get consultants with 20+ years of relevant industry experience and the capacity to meet your need for practical solutions, speed and results.

2. Affordable

We help you overcome complex business challenges (including implementation) for significantly less than you would pay elsewhere.

3. Accountable

You get partners in progress, not a set of unsupported recommendations, to help you implement and achieve your objectives.

4. Collaborative

Your people will develop and grow as they work and learn side-by-side with our team of experienced experts.


1. Launch

Market Penetration

Strategic Planning



2. Growth

Growth Acceleration

Sales Pipeline Management

Performance Improvement

Post Acquisition Integration

3. Transformation

Culture Change

Business Scaling

Efficiency Gains

Business Tool Changes

4. Exit

Value Enhancement

Risk Reduction


Successful Sale


For many companies the ability to drive change or business improvement is constrained by internal resource limitations, attachment to legacy processes or systems and unavoidable perspective problems (I can’t see the wood for the trees).

BGC will help you overcome these obstacles by providing a team of highly skilled and experienced practitioners who will work alongside your senior management team to increase sales volume, improve productivity & efficiency, enhance value and gain a competitive edge in your business.

Whether that involves setting and delivering a new strategic vision, implementing a new product or market launch, helping you accelerate growth, introducing new technology and operating systems to improve productivity, or helping you prepare your business for sale; BGC has a project team that is ready and able to help.