Grounded advice and execution is your ultimate unfair advantage

Who We Are

BGC Consultants works with companies and family enterprises who are constrained by internal or external challenges. We provide practical advice and implementation guidance to:

  • increase sales volume
  • improve productivity & efficiency
  • enhance value
  • gain a competitive edge in your business.

BGC clients get action ready road maps to achieve specific objectives or resolve important business blockages. You also get partners willing to work with you to get the success you want.

Mission & Vision

Our Vision

To build thriving business collaborations that unlock opportunities for growth, profit and competitive advantage

Our Mission

To achieve superior business outcomes by applying practical solutions to complex business challenges

Our Values

Practical – Providing advice that makes sense. Strategies that are practical and effective. Doing what is needed, not just what’s easy.

Grounded – We understand business and stay focused on what matters

Collaborative – Sharing, open and transparent in all our dealings.

Accountable – We solve problems and focus on outcomes.

Partnership – We work closely with our clients, transferring knowledge to their teams and remain available after the project has been completed.

Experienced – All our consultants are senior practitioners with significant industry, consulting and business ownership experience. No juniors.

Fast – Experience speeds results. In conjunction with our proprietary diagnostic tools and processes it enables us to get results quickly.

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The difference that matters to you

BGC Consultants are business people who understand business.

Like Big Four Partners, they are high-level experts in specific fields.

The difference is that we are also business owners, with all the emotional investment, risk taking courage, and initiative that comes from doing the business of business.