At some stage in the life of most businesses, significant change is required.

Sometimes because the business has outgrown their operating system or reached their production capacity. Sometimes because a new approach is required to take advantage of an emerging opportunity. And increasingly, because technology change or market disruption have altered the competitive landscape.

Inevitably, changes of this type have a ripple effect through the entire organisation and must be carefully planned, implemented and managed if the expected gains are to be fully realised.


To help you to remove a business blockage, respond to competitive pressures or take advantage of a new opportunity, BGC can provide or assist with the following transformation activities:

Culture Change
Business Scaling
Efficiency Gains
Business Tool Change
Process Re-engineering
Technology Change
Business Structuring


To facilitate the smooth implementation of your transformation program, your BGC team will utilise some of the following proprietary tools and processes:

Planning Workshops
Capex Evaluation
Opex Evaluation
3-Way Financial Modelling
Prioritisation and Tracking
Project Management

Customer Comment

Dear Geoff,

Thanks for your wise counsel, practical marketing advice, flexibility, responsiveness, creativity and implementation nous.

You help us every day run a better marketing program with sensitivity and an eye for cost saving.

It is all much appreciated.

Nicholas Levy, GM Marketing, Taylors Wines

Lead Management System Transformation

Our transformation of St George Bank’s Lead Management System increased their home loan conversion rate by over 35%

Sales Process Transformation

Over a six month period, our sales process transformation program for Taylors Wines in the independent liquor segment turned a -2% annual trend into a sustained 27% growth rate.

Award Winning Campaign

Australian Direct Marketing Association, Loyalty Campaign of The Year, 2013

Business Scaling

This transformation of Reivernet’s Operating Methods included:

  • Operational discovery
  • Efficiency and scaling recommendations
  • Prioritisation and planning
  • Executive coaching

Database Transformation

Over a 3-year period this program enabled Events Retail to build a database of over 30,000 loyal and responsive customers who quickly grew to represent over 30% of total annual sales.