Exit Planning

Selling a business is not easy

  • THE STAKES ARE HIGH. You might expect the sale of your business to fund your retirement, a new business venture or your family’s financial future
  • EXPERIENCE IS LOW. Most of us only sell one or two businesses in our lifetimes. With little experience, it is no surprise that many business owners overlook key steps in the exit planning process.
  • EXPERT ADVICE IS IN SHORT SUPPLY. Many advisors will tell you that determining the value of your business is as simple as applying a multiple to your historical earnings, whilst ignoring what creates the true value that buyers are looking for

No surprise … many businesses fail to sell.


To help you to prepare your business for sale in a way that will boost your chances of achieving an optimal exit outcome, BGC can provide or assist with the following activities:

Performance optimisation
Profit improvement
Risk reduction
Value enhancement
Documentation and presentation


To facilitate the smooth implementation of your exit plan, your BGC team will utilise some of the following proprietary tools and processes:

Planning Workshops
3-Way Financial Modelling
Prioritisation and Tracking
Project Management
Invisible Balance Sheet Planning

Customer Comment

Over a 14-year period, Geoff was integrally involved in all facets of our marketing and business development.

Geoff has a unique ability to quickly and incisively understand issues, and brings objectivity to the table, along with a strong creative and innovative flair.

Geoff has been a mentor and wise counsel to me over the years and has undoubtedly been a key contributor to the sustained development of our brand and business – which grew from $2million to over $20million under his guidance.

Mike Fisher, Managing Director, Brita Water 

Buyers determine business value. So what?

In the current market, the task of ensuring that your business is one of the minority that achieve a sale price that meets (or exceeds) owner expectations is difficult, but not impossible. The key is to focus on the buyer’s needs.

BGC will help you achieve the desired outcome by following a proven process:

  1. We will help you understand the market and position your business to capitalise on emerging trends
  2. We will help you to identify your prospective buyers and understand what they want and value in an acquisition (beyond past profit performance)
  3. We will help you to build the value of your invisible balance sheet to meet the needs and aspirations of your prospective buyers
  4. We will help you formulate and implement an Exit Ready Plan to boost your chances of achieving an optimal exit outcome
  5. We will help you to anticipate and address the key obstacles that might delay or deter your prospective buyers
  6. We will help you present your business to stand out from the crowd and make it an irresistible choice

Helping You Stand Out From The Crowd