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Successful organisations never take their success for granted. They continually monitor their performance, seeking opportunity to enhance their efficiency and take advantage of opportunities arising from technological change, legislation, consumer trends and/or changing market and economic conditions.

However, for many companies the ability to drive change or business improvement is constrained by internal resource capacity limitations, attachment to legacy systems and unavoidable perspective problems.

Sound familiar?

Why BGC?

BGC will help you overcome these obstacles by providing a team of highly skilled practitioners who will work in partnership with your senior management team.

At a practical level this means our Project Team roll their sleeves up and work alongside your people to deliver sustainable results. Enabling you to maintain business continuity whilst benefiting directly from the knowledge transfer that occurs during the planning and implementation process.

Advice + Implementation = Your Unfair Advantage

Key Services

BGC provides advice and implementation guidance at four key stages of the business journey.

1. Launch

Market Penetration

Strategic Planning



2. Growth

Growth Acceleration

Sales Pipeline Management

Performance Improvement

Post Acquisition Integration

3. Transformation

Culture Change

Business Scaling

Efficiency Gains

Business Tool Changes

4. Exit

Value Enhancement

Risk Reduction


Successful Sale