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Regardless of whether your project requires business performance improvement, preparing part or all of your business for sale, post-acquisition integration or the incubation and development of a new business unit, BGC has a project team that is ready and able to help.

Performance Improvement
Pre-sale Readiness
Post-Acquisition Integration
Business Incubation

Successful organisations never take their success for granted. They continually monitor their performance, seeking opportunity to enhance their efficiency and take advantage of opportunities arising from technological change, legislation, consumer trends and/or changing market and economic conditions.

However, for many companies the ability to drive change or business improvement is constrained by internal resource capacity limitations, attachment to legacy systems and unavoidable perspective problems. These are understandable and common issues.

BGC will help you overcome these obstacles by providing a team of highly skilled senior Consultants who will work in partnership with your senior management team to increase sales, improve productivity & efficiency, enhance value and gain a competitive edge.

At a practical level this means our Project Team roll their sleeves up and work alongside your people to deliver sustainable results. This approach ensures that you maintain business continuity throughout the change program we implement together. It also means that your people benefit directly from the knowledge transfer that occurs during the planning and implementation process.

That’s the BGC advantage and the competitive edge for your business.

Key Services

BGC’s deep pool of functional and industry experts are able to assist with a broad range of business projects, including:

  1. Business Performance Improvement: Strategic advice and implementation support on a wide range of complex multi-disciplinary projects to improve business performance.
  2. Pre-Divestment / Sale Readiness: Hands on operational support to help prepare all or part of a business for sale, at the best possible price.
  3. Post-Acquisition Integration: Project managing the post-deal task of integrating the acquisition into the core business in order to maximise value, synergies and operating efficiencies
  4. Business Incubation: Helping new market entrants achieve critical mass by establishing a legal and operational footprint, implementing systems and processes, building market and brand awareness, winning new customers and driving early revenue growth

Note: In all Pre-Divestment and Post Acquisition projects, BGC works alongside, and relies on professional services firms for the legal, financial, tax and compliance aspects of the transaction.


    At various points in the life of your business, you will confront inflection points where critical changes need to be made in response to new opportunities, competitive threats, market-disruption and other external forces beyond your control. How quickly and effectively you respond to these opportunities and threats will determine the success of your business.

    Using a range of proprietary diagnostic tools our team will work with you to develop action ready road maps to resolve important business blockages and attain specific objectives, including:
    • Business Turnaround
    • Competitive Improvement
    • Manufacturing Productivity Improvement
    • Technology Selection and Implementation
    • Sales Enablement and Performance Improvement
    • Marketing and Communications Improvement
    • Business Process & Policy Implementation
    • HR and Organizational Change
    • Improved Logistics Performance and Last Mile Capability


    You are ready to sell part or all of your business, but will you attract the highest possible valuation? We help prepare your business so it’s attractive to potential buyers.

    The Challenges

    Preparing to sell your business isn’t as easy as putting up a “For Sale” sign and inviting bids. You need your business to look as attractive as possible, so you can achieve the highest possible valuation. It will also be to your advantage to make the due diligence process as easy as possible for prospective buyers.

    Well documented and managed systems and processes, evidence of a strong management team and indicators of future success and revenue growth are all examples that the business is well run and factors that will influence the final valuation.

    Our Approach

    To help you achieve the highest possible valuation we utilise a well proven 6-step process where we:

    • Diagnose the current state
    • Recommend areas for improvement
    • Review those recommendations with you
    • Plan the priority, timeline and resources needed
    • Prepare each aspect of your business
    • Present the business to you as it might be presented to a prospective buyer.

    Buying a business doesn’t improve your bottom line. What you do with it after completion does. But only if you do the right things. And do them well.

    Mergers & Acquisition may seem an attractive growth option. But, for for many organisations, attempting to integrate two businesses to achieve the original vision, synergies, efficiencies and value opportunities presents a significant challenge. In fact, 80% fail to achieve the expected benefits. An outcome that is largely attributable to the fact that their management teams have limited M&A experience are too busy managing ‘business as usual’ to allocate the required time and effort.

    The Challenges
    Integrating two organisations whether through acquisition or merger is a complex affair presenting a number of challenges that require careful planning, disciplined implementation, clear communication and strong governance if the integration project is to achieve the desired outcomes.

    Our Approach
    A dedicated BGC integration team will work in close collaboration with your management team to ensure the four pillars of successful integration are properly implemented: Planning, Communication, Disciplined Implementation and Governance. Each of which is focused around Systems, Management, Governance, Processes, People, Policies, Value drivers and Culture.

    The impact of strong planning supported by disciplined project management means you are ensured a smooth and timely integration and that you achieve enhanced value from your acquisition through optimum synergies, efficiencies and value opportunities across all aspects of your business.


    Australia and New Zealand are attractive markets for North American and European businesses wanting to expand their global footprint and springboard into Asia. However, many organisations are held back by the tyranny of distance, limited knowledge of the market and the opportunity cost of losing valued member/s of their management team for six months or longer, during the establishment phase.

    BGC’s Incubation Service removes the tyranny of distance and the unknown challenges by offering an economical ‘virtual agency’ program where our multi-disciplined team will ‘incubate’ your business in Australia by establishing your legal and operational footprint, establishing systems and processes, building market and brand awareness, winning new customers and driving early revenue growth to prove the viability of your products and services.

    Once early growth has reached agreed performance levels, we affect a smooth handover which can include helping you find permanent premises and recruiting / on-boarding your own people.

    The result is a low risk, economical and proven solution to expanding your brand presence into Australia & New Zealand.

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