Acquisition Program

Exploring the post-COVID buying opportunity

If your business has survived the COVID lock-down and is still profitable you have done better than most!

OK you’ve taken a few knocks and lost some sales. But, rest-assured some of your competitors are doing it much tougher.


What you do next is up to you.

You could trim your sales, batten down the hatches and ride out the storm.

Or, you could look at this as a buying opportunity. Make an acquisition (or two). Absorb the additional sales into your trimmed-down operation. And come out the other side with a robust balance sheet and significantly increased market share, poised for further growth.


If you have an appetite for growth and need help identifying, negotiating and integrating your new acquisitions we have a simple 5-step process that takes the pain out of M&A

Market Facts

  • In FY19 over 300,000 SME businesses were sold in Australia
  • Another 200,000 were offered, but failed to sell (40% of total)
  • Of those that sold, almost half sold for less (many for considerably less) than the owners originally expected
  • The growing stockpile of unsold businesses is putting downward pressure on prices.
  • This downward pressure will increase for as long as supply exceeds demand
  • And is likely to trigger a degree of panic selling in the post-COVID recession.

Our Simple 5-Step Acquisition Program

1. Targeting

Develop Acquisition Profile

Identify known targets

Search listings

Notify network

Search online databases

Identify off-market matches

2. Prospecting

Contact long list

Review top line data

Create short list

Execute NDAs

Review detailed financials

Rank prospects

3. Negotiation

Negotiate with Target #1

Sign HOA – subject to DD

Repeat with Target #2

(if required)

Repeat with Target #3

(if required)

4. Due Diligence

Conduct Operational DD

Conduct Financial DD

Review DD Reports

Revise deal – as needed

Repeat with Target #2

(If required)

5. Finalise Deal

Brief Law Firm

Review contract



Post Acquisition Integration

(if required)