BGC Accounting & Business Advisory Services

DataDear Strategic Partner (Australia and New Zealand)

As a DataDear Strategic Partner, BGC Consultants offers accounting firms in Australia and New Zealand:

  • Real-time local support
  • The best DataDear volume discounts in the market
  • Access to DataDear on a stand-alone basis, or as part of a bundle of marketing and technology solutions for Accountants who are seeking to increase their advisory-based revenue stream – through the BGC Accounting & Business Advisory Group (see below)

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Monthly DataDear Subscription Rates

Up to 50 Ledgers: $297.50 + GST (Save 15%)

Up to 100 Ledgers: $560 + GST (Save 20%)

Up to 200 Ledgers: $1,050 + GST (Save 25%)

Up to 250 Ledgers: $1,225 + GST (Save 30%)

Reinvent Your Accounting Practice

  • A national consortium of leading, independent Accounting Firms
  • Providing SME owners with Australia’s best integrated tax, compliance and business advisory service
  • Powerful lead generation and class-leading tools
  • Offering the skills, tools, resources and capabilities of much larger accounting and consulting firms
  • At an affordable price
  • Targeting SME owners ($2 – $20M turnover) who do not have a CFO or management accountant on staff
  • Willing to spend >$8K pa with their accountant to improve decision making and accelerate growth
  • To unlock opportunities for client growth, profit and competitive advantage
  • To provide members with new clients, new revenue streams, a competitive advantage and a future proof business model
  • Membership starts at $2,000 per month (+ $800 Set-up fee)
  • Gold and Platinum Membership packages include premium territories, additional support and increased lead generation activity
  • Projected minimum ROI for all packages >370%

How It Works

  • Best-of-breed reporting and modelling tools to improve decision making and highlight advisory opportunities
  • Training, support, technology monitoring and updates
  • Toolkit includes: Futrli, DataDear, Modeler, Modano and BGC Reboot
  • Expert consultants covering all key business disciplines
  • Comparable skills to Big 4 partners (no juniors)
  • Available individually or as part of a multi-disciplinary team
  • SEO, AdWords, Re-targeting, lead magnets and innovative off-line marketing will generate new leads
  • Digital assets to help you upgrade your website
  • Training and support to increase lead conversion
  • Financial reporting and advisory fees
  • Consulting fees as part of BGC multi-disciplinary teams
  • BGC referral fees
  • Providing you with a strong competitive advantage
  • Reduced reliance on tax and compliance
  • Increased consulting and advisory revenue
  • Early access to new and emerging technologies
  • Affiliation with a strong national brand
  • A more sustainable business model