Business Incubation

Helping you establish a successful trading presence in Australia and New Zealand

For European and North American businesses seeking to establish a successful trading presence in Australia and New Zealand, the tyranny of distance and limited experience with local legal, tax and regulatory requirements are limiting factors. As are the extra challenges posed by time zone, cultural and market differences.

BGC’s Incubation Service provides a cost-effective methodology to overcome these obstacles. We can advise and guide you through every step of the journey, including:

  • establishing your legal / regulatory requirements
  • setting up your systems and processes
  • planning and implementing your Go to Market strategy
  • providing the necessary Sales & Marketing resources to help you to establish your brand presence and win new customers

Once your early growth targets have been achieved we will affect a smooth handover which can include helping you find permanent premises and recruiting / on-boarding your own people. Providing you with a low-risk, economical way to launch your business in Australia & New Zealand.

BGC Incubation Services

  • Advice and assistance to achieve business registration and all aspects of financial, tax and regulatory compliance
  • Marketing insights and analysis to ensure your products and services are targeted to the right industries / geographies
  • Establishment and operation of local systems, procedures and policies and integration with your corporate infrastructure
  • Virtual finance support to ensure you are compliant with quarterly and annual tax and revenue reporting
  • Provision of Sales & Marketing resources focused on representing your brand and winning a pre-planned level of new business
  • A smooth hand-over process when you are ready to appoint your own people
  • On-going support to assist with hiring and on-boarding your own people and advice / guidance during the start-up phase.

If you would like to explore how we can help you to establish a successful trading presence in Australia and New Zealand, please complete the response form below and we will contact you to discuss.