Geoff Hirsh Creative Portfolio

Prepared For Griffith University

This Portfolio has been prepared to provide Griffith University with examples of the Strategic Marketing and Creative work of Geoff Hirsh and includes key elements from:

  • A new range launch for Rosella Foods, including: logo design, packaging design and print advertising
  • A promotional campaign for 80 Acres, which won “Worlds Best Green Launch 2010” and a “Highly Commended Award” at the Interactive Media Awards in New York
  • Other marketing activity for Taylors Wines, which helped them win the B&T Marketing Team of the Year Award in 2012
  • A re-positioning campaign for Salon Only that generated significant sales gains and laid the platform for a successful IPO
  • A lead conversion program for St George Bank that was extended four times from 6-months to 2.5 years and produced a 35% increase in lead conversion
  • An online rewards program for 3 phones that helped secure the participation and loyalty of over 3,000 mobile phone dealers around the country
  • A Father’s Day catalogue cover and poster for King of Knives that shows how even the most mundane offer can be brought to life with good creative
  • Examples of the marketing activity that helped Events Retail build one of the most responsive databases in the retail industry – accounting for >30% of total sales
  • Eye-catching transit advertising for Eden Gardens that helped reverse a long-term sales decline and generate >25% year-on-year growth over a 3-month promotional period
  • A storyboard and TVC produced for Brita as part of a campaign that produced annual compound growth of over 35% for 14 years
Logo Design
Packaging Design
Rosella Foods Print Advertising
Promotional Website
POS Poster
SO Trade Promotion
3 Loyalty Program
Events Mailer
Outdoor Advertising
TV Advertising

Brita TVC

Taylors Wines Promotional Video