Growth Phase

Your Partners In Growth

Depending on your needs, requirements, financial resources and the prevailing market conditions, BGC can provide expertise to plan and assist you with a wide range of growth strategies that typically fall under one of two broad headings:

  1. Organic Growth Acceleration
  2. Merger & Acquisition

Our unique approach to each of these distinct growth strategies is detailed below.

1. Growth Acceleration Programs

The BGC team has deep experience and a strong track record managing organic growth acceleration campaigns across the FMCG, Finance, IT&T, Retail, Automotive, Health & Beauty and Liquour industries in Australia, New Zealand and Asia.

Our growth campaign process includes:

  • Market opportunity and capacity matching
  • Competitive analysis
  • Strategy development
  • Campaign planning
  • Design and development
  • And as much (or as little) help as you require with campaign implementation and management

Under the capable leadership of award-winning marketeer and BGC CEO, Geoff Hirsh, our team will guide you through a quick and effective growth strategy development process.

Print Ad
TV Advertising
Promotional Website
3 Loyalty Program

2. Merger & Acquisition

If your business is preparing for a merger, acquisition or divestment we have three important suggestions:

  1. Make sure you have a robust post-acquisition integration plan in place before you do the deal
  2. Make sure you avoid the common pitfalls that cause over 60% of acquisitions to fail or fall short of delivering the expected value
  3. Talk to us. We can help!

Why Do Acquisitions Fail?

More than 60% of acquisitions fail to deliver the vision and value creation that was envisaged at deal closure.

The following worrying statistics lie at the heart of the problems experienced by these under-performing acquisitions:

79% had no Integration Plan
63% had no Technology Plan
70% had no Synergy Plan
82% lost over 10% of acquired workforce

Our Approach

BGC Consultants are experienced executives with deep industry knowledge who can help you achieve the best mix of synergies, efficiencies and value creation from a merger or acquisition.

Under the leadership of Operations Expert and BGC COO Mark Vigors, we use proven methods and techniques and take a collaborative approach in every project we undertake. And whilst we are happy to do the heavy lifting, we will also make sure your people are taken on the journey,  enabling them to benefit from the transfer of our integration skills and expertise whilst they focus on driving the performance of your current business.

The Bottom line: An integration program that creates the highest possible value whilst ensuring that your management team is ready to shoulder the responsibility for the on-going performance of your expanded business when we step away.

Integration Due Diligence
Synergies and Value Creation
Day 1 and 100 Day Planning
Integration Management Office
Technology Integration
Cultural and Organisational Integration
Cadence and Communication

Customer Testimonial

Brita Water Managing Director, Mike Fisher says ...

Over the last 14 years, Geoff and his team have been integrally involved in all facets of our marketing and business development.

In addition to the normal services one might expect from a marketing agency, for many years Geoff acted as our de-facto Marketing Director – helping us to develop procedures and controls that ensured we stayed focused on our strategic plan and budget goals.

 Geoff has a unique ability to quickly and incisively understand issues, and brings objectivity to the table, along with a strong creative and innovative flair. He has certainly been a mentor and wise counsel to me over the years and has undoubtedly been a key contributor to the sustained development of our brand and business – which has grown from $2 million in 1993 to well over $20 million today.