M&A Integration

Your Partners In Successful M&A Integration

If your business is preparing for a merger, acquisition or divestment we have three important suggestions:

  1. Make sure you have a robust post-acquisition integration plan in place before you do the deal
  2. Make sure you avoid the common pitfalls that cause over 60% of acquisitions to fail or fall short of delivering the expected value
  3. Talk to us. We can help!

Why Do Acquisitions Fail?

More than 60% of acquisitions fail to deliver the vision and value creation that was envisaged at deal closure.

The following worrying statistics lie at the heart of the problems experienced by these under-performing acquisitions:

79% had no Integration Plan
63% had no Technology Plan
70% had no Synergy Plan
82% lost over 10% of acquired workforce

We can help!

BGC Consultants are experienced executives with deep industry knowledge who can help you achieve the best mix of synergies, efficiencies and value creation from your next acquisition.

You’ll find our collaborative and accountable style very similar to your own. Deploying proven methods and techniques we are happy to do the heavy lifting, but will make sure your people are taken on the journey – enabling them to focus on driving the performance of your current business whilst benefiting from the transfer of our integration skills and expertise.

The Bottom line: Acquisition integration that creates the highest value and assurance that your management team can shoulder the responsibility for the on-going performance of your business once the integration has been completed.

Integration Due Diligence
Synergies and Value Creation
Day 1 and 100 Day Planning
Integration Management Office
Technology Integration
Cultural and Organisational Integration
Cadence and Communication