Rethink. Reform. Revive!

Will your business survive the looming recession?

Australia’s looming recession will impact most businesses. Many will fail. Whilst only a small minority will grow and thrive.

To ensure you are one of “the few”, you need to change the way you think and operate. Quickly. Before the withdrawal of the government funded security net in September allows the true impact of the recession to wash over your business.

Need some help?

The BGC Business Revival Program has been designed to help business owners quickly develop and implement a business plan to navigate the challenges of the “New Normal” environment that lies in wait and comes in three “flavours”:

  1. As a FREE 10-Step “Do it yourself” process
    • download you FREE Guide today
  2. As a fully tailored “Do it for me” solution
    • Priced from $7,500 + GST (depending on how much implementation support you require)
  3. As a “Do it with me” group program
    • Priced at $2,500 + GST (SAVE $5,000)

Much more than a theoretical Business Continuity Plan, both our Tailored Solution and our Group Program will give participants access to powerful tools, content, checklists and one-on-one assistance from expert practitioners who will serve as your “Virtual Advisory Board” (see below).

Our team will guide you through the planning and implementation process. Providing you with the knowledge, skills and insights you need to secure the financial future of your business, by:

  1. Identifying opportunities to grow your sales and market share
  2. Applying new technologies and processes to increase revenue and quality whilst decreasing costs
  3. Harnessing the collective skills, abilities and effort of your team
  4. Transforming the way you operate and manage your business to take advantage of new and emerging opportunities

Whichever approach you choose. PLEASE CHOOSE TO DO SOMETHING! (Winter is coming).

BGC Revival Program

Available in three variants to suit businesses of all sizes, the BGC Business Revival Program will significantly increase your chances of being “one of the few” (to survive and thrive the looming recession).

"DO IT FOR ME": From $7,500 + GST
"DO IT WITH ME": $2,500 + GST (SAVE $5,000)
"DO IT YOURSELF": $0 (Download FREE Planning Guide)

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Do it for me

Fully Tailored Individual Solutions (From $7,500 + GST)

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Do it with me

An intensive 4-week group planning program ($2,500 + GST)

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Your Virtual Advisory Board

Geoff Hirsh

Sales & Marketing Advisor

(CEO, BGC Consultants)


Managing Director, AdMail

Marketing Manager, Duracell

Sales Manager, Cadbury

Joshua Lewis

Technology Advisor

(Managing Director, Dorks Delivered)


System Network Administrator, QLD Department of Education

Jen Allen

HR Advisor

(Executive Director, VIC Institute of Counselling & Coaching)


Employer Awareness Development Manager, McAuley

Mark Vigors

Operations Advisor

(COO, BGC Consultants)


General Manager, Equifax

Program Director, Westpac

Head of Delivery, Telstra